Old age changes many aspects in people’s lives, as the body no longer has the capabilities it used to have a decade or two before. Older members of our family require special care that ensures good health and, consequently, more years to live.

While you might think that the most important health aspects that an older adult should take care of are, quite logically, heart health, metabolism and body weight, it is true that dental care is also important, as it is not only required that the heart be in good condition to be in good health, but that the teeth are kept in optimal condition.

Consequently, older adults, and their families, must look very closely at what can be eaten and what it is not so advisable to eat in order to take care of the teeth, although it seems like a complicated issue, but the reality is that making decisions when it comes to feeding requires a little reasoning, because over the years, the teeth do not have the strength they had before.

In terms of feeding, for older adults, it is recommended that they eat soft foods so that they do not have to make an over-effort to chew each bite, soups are the ideal food for the elderly, since they are light meals that, in most cases, are easily digestible and, in addition, are soft, so they are easy to chew.

Similarly, if desired, it is possible to eat hard fruits such as apple or pear, but in porridge, in this way, it avoids making too much force to chew and prevents damage to the teeth that, potentially, may have less resistance over the years.

In addition, it is recommended to have good dental hygiene habits, brushing your teeth three times a day, no matter how old you are, it is essential to take care of this part of our bodies.

Dental care for older adults in Mexico

Older people usually go to live in other places of pleasant climate and high economic development to spend the rest of their days, in Mexico, for example, there are multiple places, which include medical care and other health-associated services. Retirement homes in Mexico have contracted health professionals who guarantee appropriate care for seniors.

Baja California is a Mexican state that stands out in this area, as there are many older adults retired due to its pleasant climate, its paradisiacal beaches and its proximity to the United States, as well for its excellent health services make it a perfect place for retirees to live.

Many orthodontist in Tijuana consider this city to be excellent for the dental care of older adults, as it has graduate professionals from prestigious universities in Mexico and the world, attracting thousands of clients of all ages, including older adults, consequently Tijuana is a good choice for older adults who plan to retire.