Austin, TX has quickly become a culinary capital of America. That said, finding cuisine from all over the world in this city is easier than in others. And the Austin French restaurant is becoming a favorite for locals and tourists alike. This article is intended to help locals and tourists alike find the best Austin French restaurant by knowing what to look for in the stampings of high-quality. 


  1. The Best Austin French Restaurant Offers a Unique Experience

Austin’s culinary map is, primarily, known for its barbeque, Tex Mex and tacos. So when people seek an Austin French restaurant they are clearly looking for a unique dining experience, as even the cuisine itself strays in the opposite direction of barbeque and Tex Mex. That said, a high-quality Austin French restaurant that grants a unique experience will take a number of things into account that include the ambiance, menu, bar and dining options–all things this article will look at on an individual level. 


  1. Ambiance Matters with a Solid Austin French Restaurant

When people seek an Austin French restaurant, the reasons are wide-ranging. Sure, some people simply want to try a new restaurant or cuisine type when they feel like eating out. Others look for a date night Austin spot that offers a mix of romance with a casual tone, and others seek a great environment for a business meeting, family get together, or for a girl’s night out. This means a top Austin French restaurant must offer an atmosphere for all types of people, including private dining options for rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, or other larger events. 


  1. A Winning French Menu

Ultimately, you don’t care about French catch phrases printing on the menu or on decor throughout an Austin French restaurant. You want a menu that reflects France, classic cuisine, and that includes locally grown fresh ingredients. In order to gauge a good, traditional French menu make sure the hors d’oeuvres include classic staples like escargots (they should be poached and come with garlic butter and a baguette), steak tartare, and croquettes just to name a few. The side dishes should include classics like French onion soup, ratatouille and bouillabaisse, while the main courses should have something for everyone like fish, various types of red meat, poultry dishes and a vegetarian option that touches on a classic dish like mushroom bourguignon. 


  1. The Best Austin French Restaurant will have an Amazing Bar

A high-quality Austin French restaurant will serve craft cocktails, have a good beer menu, and more importantly a fantastic wine menu. Wine and French cuisine go together like tea and cake. Make sure the Austin French restaurant you book a reservation at has a solid wine list with options from every region, that span reds, whites, pinks and bubbles. They should have modestly priced wine that’s ideal for the table, mid-ranged wines for date night (or something more special), and for truly special occasions rare, hard-to-find bottles ideal for creating a memorable event. The best Austin French restaurant will make sure there are amazing cocktails, wines and beers to accommodate any main course, so check with the host before booking a table.